1. Spyware – Party Poker admits to scanning your desktop. They canget access to any information that you ever simultaneously open. For example, lets say you have your email open while playing. They can read all your email. Much scarier is that if you have any financial information open, they can do with it what they wish.
2. Confiscation – Party Poker may confiscate your money and closeyour account without warning. This happened to a friend of mine. After repeated phone calls and emails, he finally got an email from Sandy Johnson saying his account had been closed for suspicious activity with another player from 4 months back. My friend didn’t even remember playing with that player.
3. Software Glitches without compensation – on Poker Stars and mostother sites, when the site messes up, they compensate you. If you get frozen out of a tournament, Poker Stars will refund your money. Forget about it at Party Poker. Party Poker will first say its a problem on your end and then if they ever acknowledge it was their mistake, they’ll apologize but still not refund your money. Sample glitches include a frozen “I’m back” button. You might be in a tournament then suddenly you are forced to post and fold for the rest of the tournament. Party Poker won’t refund your money.

By utkarsh