I have been hunting the net to find one thing. Statistically do lottery WINNERS more often pick there
own numbers or do they let the lottery machine pick the number at random ? {I am not talking about the people with all kinds of fancy systems that play large sums of money; I mean
the average Joe who buys a couple of tickets a week} Does any one out there know where I could find any statistics on lotto WINNERS and whether their
numbers were PERSONAL PICKS or LOTTO MACHINE RANDOM NUMBERS ? Any info or direction will be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

Scott Rudy:

Hi Allen, I don’t about the statistics of lotto winners and whether their numbers were personal picks or random picks but, I prefer to choose my own numbers for play plus I use wheels to generate my combinations as where my wife like to play the auto picks. The results that we have experienced was that my chosen numbers and wheeling has produced more winning tickets then the auto picks. No jackpots mind you but I do win some of the smaller prizes more often than my wife does playing the same amount of tickets.

Scott Rudy

By utkarsh