Hill Climb Racing Game Download APK

Hill Climb Racing is a game which you can download if you like combination distance and physics arcade and puzzle games.

The goal of this game is to drive the car as far as possible while stopping it from flipping over & killing the driver. The challenges & addictiveness of this game is really crazy and all you have to do is try driving as far as possible while trying not to get defeated by the physics.

You have different vehicles that can be tried with different handling — Jeep, monster truck, motocross bike, hippie van, tractor, quad bike, one wheeler, tourist bus, police car, race car, ambulance, snowmobile, fire truck, super offroad and a lot more!

Hill Climb Racing Game Download APK
Hill Climb Racing Game Download APK

Besides this, you have the option to upgrade your car by paying the coins that you collect during each playthrough or if you have enough coins available you can even buy a new vehicle.

The Hill Climb Racing Game has different levels of the terrain which would be different from each other. It has a snow road, mountain, moonscape, ice road, sand road and so on.

The roads are really bumpy and the player needs to be able to manipulate by the throttle & brake to ensure that the car does not turn over, it will not exhaust the car oil.

The goal of the game to get the highest score possible. In case there is no damage to the vehicle, the farther your journey will be, the more gold you will be able to collect, and the higher your score would be. If you can perform some difficult aerial stunts, your score can be improved greatly.

The gold coins that you would collect on the way can be used for improving the performance of the vehicle and ultimately you will be able to transform the car into a racing car which will be invincible.

In addition, there are 5 different scenarios that allow you to test your own car which include the Arctic, the desert, the fields & the moon.

For unlocking the locked maps you need to complete the unlocked maps. All you need to do is get ready and have a great time with 9 different game maps & 13 entertaining vehicles.

About Hill Climb Racing Game Gameplay

The sole objective of the game is collecting coins while you drive through the racing stages. When you’re driving, the fuel is consumed (even if you do not move). Players can replenish the fuel by picking up gas canisters or batteries that they find on their way.

The player can “die” in various ways — 1) Running out of gas, 2) Hitting the avatar’s head on the ground or ceiling. Coins can also be earned by performing “tricks” or by difficult maneuvers in the air or even by reaching set distances during any given stages.

Coins may be spent on upgrades or for unlocking new stages & vehicles. Different stages will have different attributes such as different traction, gravity, terrain (elevation) or obstacles that can slow down the player.

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Features Of Hill Climb Racing Game APK

  • It has lots of different vehicles w/ unique upgrades (different vehicles like bike, jeep, truck, tank, etc.)
  • Tuneable parts that include engine, tires, suspension & 4WD
  • Numerous stages w/ different levels in order to reach in each (Desert, Countryside, Arctic and the Moon!)
  • You can share your score with a screenshot w/ your friends and make them envy you!
  • It has cool graphics & smooth physics simulation
  • Has been designed to look good on both low resolution and high-resolution devices (including tablets)
  • Experience real turbo sound after you upgrade your engine!
  • The Garage mode helps you build & drive your dream vehicle with customized parts!
  • You can also get new boosters to drive even further
  • It has 27+ Levels and 28+ Vehicles

Hill Climb Racing Game — Download APK Here

This app can also be installed directly from the Google Play Store Here

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