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This is hands down the best product ever for Keto! I wasn’t hungry all the time and I’m a busy mom of 4 so planning every meal and counting macros was getting very tiring. This saved the day!!!! Fills me up and I think the Vanilla tastes like delicious sweet, buttery oatmeal! Not gritty or anything just plain delicious buttery oat flavor.Customer service is amazing as well, EXTREMELY responsive through email and very friendly.I’ll be Sated for life.
I bought a sample of this to try, so I could decide if I wanted to buy it in bulk, as well as to decide on my preferred flavor. I was really impressed with this product. Overall, I prefer the chocolate over vanilla. The vanilla tasted a little more "earthy", and didn't have as much vanillla flavoring.
Love this product! Diffinitely made planning my weekly meals easier.
Tastes amazing, have it everyday! Great source of fat!
The product had a great taste and wasn't chunky. There was an included mixer to help spread out the powder evenly in the water. I've been noticing myself losing weight and it's been a few days already. Can't wait to update in a month when I lose a minimum of 10lbs hopefully!
Far better mix-ability and taste than any shake I've had previously. The standard 400 calorie portion keeps me full for about 4 hours.
Tastes really good, didn't upset my stomach
This stuff isn't too bad, and it's actually filling. It mixed well with a shaker bottle with no noticeable clumping. The chocolate flavor tastes pretty good and not too artificial like I have had with other products in the past. Being as it uses oil (fat) for calories, I was afraid it would have a greasy or oily mouth feel but was pleasantly surprised to find that it didn't. The oil has almost no scent at all and I can't tell it's in the shake. I like the fact that I can adjust the calorie content by adjusting the amount of oil I use. I was on about 80-90% Soylent for 18 months or so, and if I cut back on the amount I drank to adjust the calories, I was also cutting all the macro nutrients at the same time, so I ended up supplementing with protein powder, fiber, and a multi-vitamin. That eliminated the convenience of a ready to drink meal replacement. I can recommend this for the moment. I'll update if I experience any unusual disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract (green apple trots LOL)
Bought the vanilla and chocolate sample packs to give the product a try. I liked the taste of both and that they are so good nutritionally. I have been eating ketogenic for about 9 months and these make a very convenient and healthy way to get ketogenic meal when you are in a rush or need the convenience they offer. Would buy again.
Yum! If your looking for a keto meal replacement shake, this is it. It tastes great without chalkiness or graininess, and it hits the macro goals of keto.
I'm pretty apprehensive about something so processed being healthy, but it checks the box for being a quick fix for a keto meal/snack. It's pretty sweet but kudos to making it taste good, I'm sure that wasn't an easy feat when developing the product. The last one I made I also dropped just shy of a table spoon of butter into it- I really liked the result.
I got the the chocolate flavor, in the big 30 meal starter kit. It is very easy to make, and tastes really good. There is a flavor in it that is very hard to describe - but it is not a bad flavor, just unique. My wife and I both do keto, and we use Ketolent as a dessert, and sometimes as a meal replacement. One serving, which is 400 calories, really does not fill you up, but it will keep you comfy for several hours. As part of a ketogenic lifestyle, I think of it as something that gives you some flexibility and change. I will buy it again.
Tastes good, healthy fat profile, not too much protein. I'd say it fills me up for the length of a normal meal but I usually also eat some cucumber or celery or something like that with it on purpose, so can't really say. My only issue is the the sucralose, but I believe I read they were working on something else for the next generation. I use a shaker bottle, it's minimally gritty. I'm sure if you use a blender it would be very smooth. Sometimes I will add some heavy cream to throw some more calories in it as a true meal replacement.
Bought the sample before buying the full can. If you haven’t tried it before I highly suggest doing this since I don’t think I liked it enough to buy the can but can see how others might. Taste was ok but very slightly fishy.
Not as tasty as keto chow.
Amazing taste and consistency. Best meal replacement shake I’ve ever tried. Not a fan of milk so I enjoy being able to mix it with water and still get the creaminess from the oil. I purchased the chocolate and use 12 oz of water. Tastes best ice cold.
I've tried a few keto meal replacement shakes, and this is by far the best one. They've continually tweaked and improved the formula, and it tastes quite good, especially chilled. I usually blend a few ice cubes into the mix. I experiment by adding a bit of peanut butter powder or some chia and hemp seeds, but the basic formula already tastes good and is nicely balanced and very filling.I had a recent issue regarding shipping, but customer service came through and handled it within a couple of hours. I plan to keep ordering this stuff as long as I'm on keto.
Good meal supplement. Make it the night before and put it in the fridge for breakfast. Tastes like a rich milkshake.
Good flavor, I find having to add my own fats a little inconvenient, but it was a tasty morning shake without messing up the macros.
I have been looking for something quick in the mornings to use for my keto diet. This is delicious! To me, it tastes like chocolate milk, and I love all the vitamins it has in it! I'm glad I bought the pack of 30!
Tastes good and easy to mix. Followed the directions with the MCT oil and was pleasantly surprised.
Please let me preface this review with two pieces of information. First, I have never dieted before. Not one bit. I always thought of it the way Garfield explained it: Diet is "Die" with a "T". Second, I have been drinking these shakes for 5 days. Basically, I have no experience to speak of with dieting and I haven't been drinking these shakes for long at all.TLDR? At 38 I have been chronically fatigued and in such constant pain I had lost much hope of feeling better ever, and often feared the very thought of getting any older. I have close older friends and family who are more sturdy and have more vigor than I do! After 5 days of drinking these shakes I feel so fantastic that I had to write this huge long thesis on why I am so grateful for this product and am excited to see how I feel in a week, a month, a year from now! Thank you, Ketolent!!Want to make your eyes bleed? You have been warned! Here is the rest of my review:Here is my ridiculously long backstory and why I am giving this product 5 stars after only 5 days of use...The backstory:I am sedentary. I work an office desk job. I test software. I get into and sometimes don't move for hours as I get into a task. I also work overtime - even if typically just a bit each day - all the time. I have an insane commute of 75 miles a day in sometimes heavy city traffic, which typically logs me in at another 3+ hours of sitting, give (sometimes a lot if there are accidents, etc.) or take (not usually much, lol!). When I get home - exhausted from sitting and thinking and then bookended by concentrating on avoiding insane drivers for 12+ hours - I have had zero energy. With this latest job and the crazy commute, I haven't often had energy during the week to play the dear-to-my-heart video games. Yep. So burnt out and exhausted I haven't been able to game with my laptop in my bed desk! Netflix night - every night. And that was about all I could handle. Cooking? Sometimes I would have to get a snack to keep my blood sugar up so that I could stand and cook or I would beg my boyfriend to make me food. The thought of doing YOGA exhausted me.My weight - though down from when I experienced a near system failure while I was working graveyard shift a couple years ago - is high at 164lbs and 5'5". My energy is low - abysmally low. My brain is foggy. To think at work and concentrate on my commute I subsist on caffeine and sugar to get me by - so I can think and not completely crash and burn. I've had increasing injuries in my back and joints. I've felt like I have arthritis. The pain I feel is often intense. Though it makes me feel weak and incapable of functioning normally when I cannot do things people older than me can do easily, I know that the level of pain I have plowed through to do what needs doing - work and house chores and errands - is legitimate and serious and certainly not all in my head, nor me being a wimp.The sad truth is that I am exhausted. Every day has been filled with endless fatigue and brain fog. I have horrible blood sugar crashes way too frequently. I hurt all over, all the time. Intense, deep pain in my back and joints. I have tried to exercise but it leaves me feeling worse and sore deep in my bones even with minor impact activities like walking and yoga. I get terrible migraines that last hours or days. I don't eat much at any given time as I don't like feeling overfull, but I am quickly hungry over and over again all day long and have sugar crashes when I don't eat every few hours. I have terrible menstrual periods with intense pain that can make me bedridden for a whole day.I feel so miserable - in pain, physically and mentally exhausted that even though I know all of these terrible symptoms are real and intense... I don't know how to approach it with a doctor anymore. I feel like it will sound preposterous like I am a hypochondriac. In the recent past, I have gotten various typical exercise recommendations and/or meds to control pain. I haven't gone there but I know if I asked about nutrition I would likely get the typical low-fat, low cal diet recommendations and I cannot imagine feeding my body less when I barely have the energy to get by on what I eat now! None of it has worked and I hate to take serious pain pills. I take OTC pills enough as it is! It sometimes gives me digestive issues and I have to take antacids... I guess you get it. I am a wreck. I have been for years. At 38 it is only getting worse and worse and in my heart I feel very young but my body is old, old, old.Looking to make a real change:So, Keto. I may have never dieted but I've looked. I have tons of health, diet, and cookbooks, though I never diet and rarely cook much of anything fancy. I guess I kept looking for something I could do. Something that sounded like it could work, that I could do. Something that would break the bank. Or force me to spend endless hours each week cooking when I don't have much free time as it is. The closest I came to starting something was a vegan smoothie diet, but it seemed expensive. I didn't have a great blender. What if it didn't work out and I spent $$$ on a Vitamix. Or I got a cheaper one and my diet failed cause my blender sucked? Also, no one in my house is going to go vegan, or vegetarian, with me. Meatless Mondays wouldn't even work here. I would be on my own. You see, I clearly think too much, but I also felt like I knew what wouldn't work for me. Why start to fail? I could maybe do any number of diets if I wanted to but... people fail at them all the time or fall off the wagon or rebound. I didn't want that to be me. But Keto - I could look at all those meals and though in my heart I knew I would long for bread and pasta and rice and sugar... It was all food I could see my family eating, even if they had theirs on a bun or a bed of rice. This could work, but... cooking... I still don't have time to cook... so I poked around... I stopped eating mini-donuts every day at work. I poked around more...Finding Ketolent, and sweet relief:And I found Ketolent. It made me think of the Soylent a friend had sworn worked wonders for them, but it was Keto. It seemed a bit pricey... a minimum of $90 for a month of powder? Yikes. I've had shakes in the past - not to diet but to have a swift meal - and even fancy, expensive brands from Sprouts are half the cost of this stuff or less! I hemmed and hawed. I put it in my cart. I thought about this and that. I figured it was $3 a day? That really is nothing... why was I on the fence? I just was, but then I caved. I got the vanilla kit for $105, so I would have a bottle for work and the oil all ready to go and give it a whirl. Why not? What do I have to lose? $105? Sure! Woo! Let's do this. Let's tell my boyfriend I am doing this and feel a little crazy but what is $105 for a month of smoothies?Gosh, I hope it tastes okay...It arrives swiftly in the mail despite not being Prime 2-day shipping. I let it sit there for a week. I think about it. (I am ridiculous, I know!!) On Friday, when I decide to work from home because I was having severe pain in my shoulder from who knows what. I sat against an ice pack all day and drank a smoothie for lunch. It tasted great! I wasn't hungry for hours... "This isn't too shabby!", I thought to myself. And I had one the next day, and the next, for lunch. They still tasted great, had a great creamy consistency and they were keeping me from feeling so snacky. Over the weekend I tried to eat "better" - low sugar / lower carbs - but wasn't beating myself up over anything. Then on Monday, I had a shake in the morning. I felt really good. Like, really good. I didn't need a coffee to scrape myself together and begin work after my commute. I felt clear headed and... just damned good. I drank a Monster cause I felt weird not drinking one but I didn't need it, really. The satiety lasted almost all the way to lunch which I took 7 hours after my breakfast. I had a Monster energy drink in the late afternoon. I drove home and I didn't need to eat immediately after getting home. My boyfriend and I took a walk! I felt good! I made an egg + veggie dish cooked to keto-friendly specifications and a fatty drink when I was a little peaked at bedtime - when I usually get famished and have to snack on carbs. The next day - today - I did the same having a shake for breakfast. This time I didn't have a Monster in the morning. I felt GREAT! I felt more focused, clear and alert than I felt with more sleep and more food and more caffeine. I had a shake for lunch... had some stressful issues with something I was testing that made me start to feel a bit of a headache so since I am prone to migraines I drank a Monster and took some Excedrine as I didn't want to deal with that on top of my work. But after the stress was over I felt great again. I came home and walked again with my boyfriend, then made an omelet with veggies and bacon. I sit down to write this and realize I have felt better in the last two days than I have felt so many years ago as a kid, a teen and a young person. I feel like a different person. I feel clear headed, a bit energetic - for me! - and I realized... I hadn't had joint pain for the last day.If you have made it through this whole backstory... I am sorry! And thank you! And, I hope this helps you if you have experienced similar symptoms. If you have then while I cannot give you medical advice, I can still suggest you consider trying this product. It is $3 a meal. It can make your life easier with less to buy, plan, cook, everything. All you do is blend a couple shakes at the beginning of your day (I use a cheap old Magic Bullet) and go. I like them cold. I recommend that though the taste and texture are such that I cannot imagine I would despise them at room temperature either. Then at night have a good easy dinner.Bottom line... I hadn't heard of Ketolent until a week or two ago. I have been drinking these shakes for only 5 days but I after having been at such a rock bottom for so long I am flabbergasted that within 5 days I have transformed into feeling actually good for the first time since I cannot remember when. I am just so intensely grateful for these past two days of BETTER that all I can do is write this horridly long-winded review to try to help anyone else out there like me, and to be thankful for the researchers who began the Keto diet craze and to be endlessly thankful to the makers of Ketolent for the best two days of my life in years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!So, I am finally at the end but I am a chronic review writer and review updater. I am new to the "dieting" thing - no, let's call it a healthier thing! - but I still plan to update you with my progress for a while to see more about the long-term effects of consuming Ketolent for 2 meals a day, but to start: Today, 04/17/2018, I am feeling pretty darned positive at day 5 of consuming Ketolent shakes. I am not ultra interested in weight-loss - I am more concerned about feeling better - but I know that at 5'6"/165lbs I need to lose weight. So, I got a scale (never had one of my own before, ha!) will take some measurements for this current me and then I will be back to update this review in at most a month - perhaps sooner if I have something amazing to share. Until then I truly hope this can help even one other person out there, and I hope that no matter what route you take that you begin to feel better than you do now, too! Good luck to you, friends!UPDATE 04/25/2018: So it's been a couple weeks now. I love these things. I am having 2 a day + a nice dinner and fatty, healthy snacks and it's wonderful! I'm in ketosis and I have more energy than I can recall having in any recent history. I go walking most evenings with my boyfriend now as I am not coming home exhausted or in a blood sugar crash like I used to so often be at 7-8pm. Also, weight is peeling off. I am not bloated, not gassy and I seem to be down from 165 to 160lbs - all without feeling like I am dieting. All while feeling fantastic! Going to get my boyfriend and maybe a coworker to try this stuff out. I am so pleased. Just wonderful stuff and highly recommend this product to help get you on track if you are starting Keto and/or perhaps if like me you have little time to cook 3 square meals a day!
Hello all on their journey to weight loss. So I hope this works and helps others. I just received my keto. Currently I am 274. I lost about 20 lbs before this. Plateaued and am hoping this will get me over the hump. I will return. With an update to tell you all how it works. So, far its quick to make and taste good. Also came ahead of projected date.
When you do the math it comes out to $3 a meal. However, since the bag I got would not close after I opened it I decided to package every meal in it's own individual sandwich sized ziploc bag. Here's where the trouble started. The directions say 1 large scoop powder + 1 small scoop oil. However it also says 30 servings per bag at 37g of powder per serving. One scoop, even when overfilled does not come close to 37g according to my scale. When I was done parceling out the ziploc bags I had 27 bags with 37g of powder inside. So already out $9/3 days.I will also say that having been used to Keto Chow there are negatives and positives to Ketolent. It's way less thick than Chow, which means I finish it sooner (I can stretch 1 serving of Chow to last well through breakfast & lunch) but I've started adding some HWC and that plus a cup of coffee basically carries me through the first 12 hours of my day. Unlike Chow, it's not salty AT ALL and that means I can make it and drink it the morning I need it, instead of letting it sit in the fridge overnight. The taste is *incredible* and I do not even like chocolate.All in all, I wish the measurements were more on point but this stuff does what it says and tastes great on top of it. Well worth the $3 (or in my case $3.33) a day for a month of it.
Tastes pretty good. I'm not a fan of the powder being in bags, though. It makes the process very messy. I solved this by getting a big tub to pour all the powder together. Works out better now. I add a little bit of peanut butter t o my drink and it tasted even better.
I have not been using the product long enough to be able to speak to its effectiveness as a nutritional supplement. I know Keto works, and if this holds true to the nutritional label it should be just fine.As to the taste, I'd liken it most to muscle milk (the chocolate one). Per the instructions, the consistency is a bit watery in my opinion. I tend to do about a scoop and a half, the cup of oil and add some avocado oil as well. My only issue thus far, and the reason for tweaking the formula is that I did not find the shake to be as filling as I'd want it to be so that I could replace a meal with it. What I like the most about it is that it gives me a fast and easy way to supplement my diet, stay in ketosis and have "food" for the day. That's my experience so far. I will likely continue to buy this product.
I already gave a review on the product’s actual website but I will say this here: if you add PBfit to the vanilla, the shake tastes EXACTLY like Reese’s pieces. I was already hooked on Ketolent; now there’s really no going back. When I first started using it I thought it was too sweet as another comment said, but then I realize watering it down results in the neutral flavor I was looking for. Check out their website for other reviews. Overall, I am obsessed with this product and you should give it a try. I truly feel at peace with food ever since I started using the shakes. It also makes induction 1000 times easier, and their customer service is fantastic.
for what it is, its not bad. First time taking meal replacers that didn't have anything to beef it up. It's purely mix, water, and oil. The first week was hard going keto. I had migraines almost everyday, but now I'm used to it and it's going well. I especially like that it keeps in the fridge for a few days, and the previous review I read says it tastes better once its been in the fridge at least overnight, and I have to agree. Which works better for me anyway because I like to prep my shakes the night before. People who aren't used to meal replacement shakes might say it doesn't taste good, but I've gone through many different kinds and I find this tastes pretty good. I'm going to try the Vanilla next.
Made a couple of purchases. The Vanilla is thicker than the Chocolate, and more filling and thickens quicker.Trick with the Chocolate is to add heavy cream.. boy it makes a world of difference! Our favorite used to be the Vanilla until we started adding heavy cream to the chocolate.. it is soooo good!Occasionally they would mix up the oil and ship the chocolate oil (in the brown bottles) with the Vanilla mix. Not sure if it matters.
I'm very impressed with this product. I've been looking for a good meal replacement that fits a ketogenic diet and this is it! The flavor of the vanilla is excellent and it's very easy to prepare. I'll be using this product for a good long while.
Exactly what I needed. It's a great product!
For first time starting a Keto diet, this has helped LOADS. Working night shift messes with my hunger cravings and this diet along with Vitamin D has helped me function perfectly.
I just had my first shake and it's awesome! I mixed it with coffee last night using an immersion blender (apparently it's best if you let it sit overnight). This morning, I had it and my vitamin drink and I feel just as awesome as I did when I drank another shake that is known for its vitamin content. It's not as filling as I would like--but I'm left hungry either. Highly recommend.
So much more delicious than Soylent *and* it's keto friendly. The only thing that could make it better, is if it came premixed.
The product tastes pretty awesome actually. Mixes well with 2 cups of water. Just not quite as filling as I had hoped, but still well worth it for the price. Some people say it's expensive, but it's around $3 per shake, which is supposed to be a meal replacement. Much cheaper than a trip to Chipotle, while still being pretty filling and tasting great.
2nd order of this product. One month having it for dinner, in no moment the taste was boring. Will order more when I finish this batch.
The taste is quite good for a protein shake. The macronutrient blend is on point and I feel full after drinking it. Better than soylent which sometimes left me feeling hungry, or tired from all the sugar. I make mine with 8oz of cold-brew coffee which helps off-set the kind of fake sugar taste.
Just finished my first batch and this is definitely a switch from Soylent (in a good way!). The flavor isn't too sugary and it has a good, clean mouth feel. I put an entire bag and oil into a 2.3 quart pitcher, blend it up with water to fill, and let it sit overnight. Every morning I simply pour some in my thermos, and I have my lunch for the day.As a side note, I accidentally poured too much my first couple days and had an uneven batch left towards the end of the week. My solution was to pour some more water in, re-blend and then use it. Did not taste watered down or gritty! Highly recommend for keto dieters on a budget!
The macronutrient ratio is solid for keto, and it's great for lazy people like me. This works phenomenally as a meal replacement for weeks where I don't meal prep, because I really don't want to cook every meal. I've found it is a great to add some spinach, heavy cream, and ice, so you don't have to wait for it to cool in the fridge and you can get more calories and nutrition this way; it still tastes really good that way.
To my mind, meal replacements should be nutritious, convenient and tasty however, my past experience with them led me to believe that you could realistically only hope for any given product to hit two of those points, particularly where palatability over the long-term is concerned. I'm really not a cynic by nature but I have tried more than my fair share of meal replacement drinks in the past and the only ones I could imagine myself stomaching for any length of time tended to be the ones full of carbs so I was understandably skeptical about the ability of keto-friendly variants to deliver something I could stick with.. but I do believe I have finally found it.I'm not much of a chocolate fan so I ordered the vanilla, reasoning that I could add a touch of this or that to mask the flavor if it was *that* horrendous and at least get my money's worth but that will not be necessary.. these actually taste GOOD. They are only slightly sweet (I mixed mine with 2.5c of water) and the vanilla is subtle and natural; it does NOT have that vaguely chemical artificial vanilla extract taste to it, AT ALL!As far as convenience goes, these actually mix perfectly well in a blender bottle and they are NOT MEALY!! There's no granular gunk left in the bottom of the bottle whatsoever and the consistency (which you can adjust to your preference) with 2.5c of water was not too thin, not too thick. Most important of all, preparing them does NOT require dragging out the blender. Hallelujah!I hesitate to say this for fear of jinxing myself with catastrophic diarrhea or some other meal replacement related malady but I do believe these take the trifecta of meal replacement wins. All boxes on my wishlist are checked, I'll update my review after I've used the full course of 35 to verify my enthusiasm wasn't misplaced.****UPDATE****Long-term usability - check! For all those who say that you can't use these to lose weight, you're wrong. I do an alternating plan where I replace two meals one day and one the next and as of now (2/15/2018) I've lost 45lbs since I first purchased these (October 2017) without feeling as if I'm denying myself anything.
Decided to stop drinking soylent and start minimizing my carbs a while back. I wish I had learned about this alternative sooner because not only is it keto but it's actually much more satisfying to me. The oil component really does gives it a nice texture and the taste is excellent. It is on the sweet side true but I like it that way, others may differ on that. I recommend mixing it with some unsweetened almond milk for extra flavor and body.Some advice for the sellers though if they read this, I'd prefer it if the powder came in a larger bag or even a tub. I'm guessing they did it this way to keep clear the oil to powder ratio, but smaller bags are annoying to scoop from. Not a huge deal though.
I used to be a huge fan of Soylent, but since I've started keto, I couldn't have it anymore. Then I found this stuff and I love it! That's one meal a day I don't have to worry about, and it tastes good. That makes it worth the cost. I like to add plain cold brew coffee, cinnamon, and heavy cream in mine, because I'm extra like that. But it tastes great by itself, too.One tip: GET AN IMMERSION BLENDER. It makes a world of difference. A blender bottle kind of works in a pinch, but I promise an immersion blender will be your best friend. I use one several times a day doing keto, since I try to add MCT oil whenever I can. It helps SO MUCH.
It's worth it. It's so tasty and so easy to make. At 3 dollars per meal I mean it's really an offer you can't refuse. I like to blend it with ice, half of the water and whipping cream and half and half for the fats. It tastes like a batter to the most delicious chocolate cake but not in the gross gonna throw up from the raw batter. It's so...ugh I can't even describe it. It's so delicious. I am mixing it up a bit by adding different flavours. I use mint extract for a chocolate mint, I've uses coffee for the water and even a tea to add some spice.
I ordered the Vanilla but was sent the Chocolate and wow! This stuff is delicious! My schedule doesn't allow me time for it down meals and when I have time to eat there are a lot of dietary restrictions in place for me. I follow a ketogenic diet and this stuff feels like I'm cheating. I gave the oil that's included the side eye because I was expecting it to make me crap my pants or give me some kind of gastric upset. No such thing happened. Its not chalky and mixes best when you use real cold water. Definitely worth it!
Great product that has become a staple of my routine. Extremely delicious and a constant reminder that going keto doesn't mean you can't have delicious things. I only drink one per day so a box can last me quite a while. While the mixing instructions were confusing at first, it's pretty simple if you just use the included scoops. Personally, I ditched the scoops and here's how I do it: 1) I fill a magic-bullet style blender cup about half way with water 2) Add 4-5 ice cubes 3) use a regular table spoon measure to add 2 tbsp of the included oil 4) stick the whole thing on a scale and spoon in powder until you hit 32-34g and 5) blend it. The process sounds like a lot but it takes a total of 60 seconds.
Had the vanilla flavour and taste is good - it was just nice (could be less sweet but that's my opinion). Having Fructose is questionable as it is definitely not keto friendly even in small amounts - I'm not sure what is the impact on my diet yet. Amazon seems to be offering v.05 while the manufacturer's website is already offering 0.6 without Fructose. I look forward to see how Ketolent evolves to be truly keto-friendly.
Much better flavor than the store bought keto friendly shakes. Best when cold just like package says. I did the vanilla but tried the sample chocolate and it was good too. These are large bags and the instructions listed are for preparing the whole bag but they include two measuring cups (one for the powder, one for the oil) that you can mix with 2 cups of water for a single serving. I just put in a shaker cup and it mixed easily. The powder bag is resealable but I had a hard time zipping it back up. Just folded over with a clip on top.
Great taste (the chocolate is like cupcake batter).For having so much oil, it actually mixes very well/evenly. I've been on this 3 times a day plus one regular keto meal and the results have been great so far. I will continue to use this product and hope the company expands their offerings while keeping high quality ingredients.
Tastes pretty good for a low carb shake, I sprinkle cinnamon on top of the shake for sweetness. I don't recommend basing a diet on meal replacement shakes but I keep it prepared in the fridge for when I don't have the time to cook a decent ketogenic meal. I find my hunger has little to do with "fullness" I could eat a pizza and still have cravings for food but when I'm in ketosis as long as I get enough fat and nutrition I don't feel hunger despite eating very little volume. Just a glass of this shake is often enough to kill my hunger.
Ketolent is fast and easy to make and the taste is delicious. I like this stuff way more than Soylent and I thought Soylent was good too.
$3 a meal, high in healthy fats. Your body needs healthy fats to feel satiated, so if you've tried other products and found yourself starving between meals this one is for you. Just realize you need to adjust your dietary habits towards a ketogenic lifestyle if you want to pick this product up. That means limiting your sugar intake, which will not only cause you to lose weight but help to not feel hungry all the time. You would also limit your carbohydrate intake. If you aren't interested in doing those two things, this product is not for you. Yes the price could be cheaper, but you could also just make this stuff yourself... there's a million guides online. This stuff is prepackaged and pretty for your convenience.
Tastes great!
Excellent taste and mixes easily into my 1 gallon jug, perfect for 1 full day of macro.
This tastes fantastic and it's quite filling.
I don't normally write reviews but I'm entirely thrilled with Ketolent. Love the convenience factor and the taste and texture is great! Will be purchasing regularly!
So satisfying, I forgot to eat my last meal one day! Ketolent is very smooth (a big plus for anyone who is familiar with protein shakes) and the added oil gives a great mouth feel. 5 stars and A+
The flavor is okay. It tastes better if you make it and let it sit in the fridge over night. I like putting peanut butter in mine.
Awesome stuff for keto
So far I'm really enjoying the Ketolent as an in between meal snack.
The taste is good, it is consistent and filling and i have bad breath all day so im definitely in ketosis hahaha. I highly recommend this product, perfect for people like me who cant be bothered to do all the fancy cooking and meal prep but still want to be healthy and maintain a low carb diet.
This shake tastes absolutely amazing, truly. I'm a big protein shake drinker and this one tastes the best by far, maybe the high fat content? I'm on my 2nd order so far. Im drinking the shakes during the day and only eating dinner to help get me into ketosis/lose weight without much meal planning. After drinking so many I'm starting to really crave them during the day. I have lost a few pounds but not sure yet if that's just due to swapping out my morning/afternoon meals with shakes? It's hard for me to rely on the shakes to have the right macros to get into ketosis, but we will see. According to keto urine test strips, I Do have small amounts of ketones, my dinner meal could be affecting my macros as well.But overall great product, great taste and easy to use. I just pour the whole bag and bottle into a pitcher with water and use an immersion blender to mix it. It usually lasts me 2 days
It tastes great and is quite smooth compared to a competitor that I've tried. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a keto meal replacement. I put it in a pitcher and shake for about 30 seconds or less and it becomes very smooth. Tastes somewhat better cold but is still good at room temperature. I would probably prefer it to not have the sunflower and canola oil but they may have added those for taste reasons and it really does taste good. I've been eating it every day sometimes twice a day for a few weeks and I still love it. I read another review that said it tastes like cake batter which I completely agree with although it has a slight taste maybe like vitamins but it doesn't bother me. Also I might want the option to add the sweetener myself so I could decide on the amount and even have the option to use something like Stevia if I wanted but it's so convenient with it mixed in already that I do like that it's premixed. The competitor I tried doesn't have the sweetener premixed and it's hard to get the proportions exactly right and is not quite as evenly sweetened so I get why Ketolent premixes it.
I've only had one batch thus far and will update as I continue to use the product. The taste is acceptable, there's certainly a bit of oil taste to the concoction but I expected that. I've haven't had enough time using to formula to draw a full conclusion on the actual product as of now, but some initial criticisms include:1. A better guideline on mixing the stuff. Ya it says add water to your liking, but I’d prefer a set number for the whole bag/bottle to work off of. Since you’re likely to be mixing one whole bag/bottle at once, the varying amount of water requires additional measurement to properly portion each serving.2. Update your blog/website. It would be nice to know that this stuff is still being worked or at least still being fully supported. The last post on the site was in jan of 2016.3. Provide some bottles to package the stuff in after mixing. Not totally necessary, but it would be cheap and provide some advertising for you at the same time.
On my third bag and so far this has been a great product. Tastes like cake batter, which is pretty amazing so I'm thinking about a way to bake a cake of it. My favorite way to prepare Ketolent is with cinnamon and nutmeg which makes a kind of horchata flavor it's very nice. Since I don't make an entire bag at once I find that the bag is a bit difficult to work with as the power scoop is too big for it so I end up weighing the powder out and using a tablespoon. Also I like mine a little thicker so I add more psyllium husk.
The idea is fantastic! What to eat on your low-carb or Atkins diet? Are you really gonna cook that steak with a small amount of vegetables? The smell alone will tempt you to eat too much, and are you really gonna eat just a single portion after cooking that steak the size of a three-person meal? No matter what real foods you eat, you eat to much. Ketolent is the solution. I couldn't believe that I went into ketosis in one day. No struggle with what to cook. No reading labels on prepackaged food. Just mix it, refrigerate, and drink a bit every couple hours. By the end of the first night I wasn't a bit hungry, but ate a small portion of raw spinach before bed just to keep things regular down there (Atkins effects me like that).I thought Soylent was a great idea when I saw the inventor of that product on Colbert a couple years ago. But when I read the nutrition info on the Soylent website, I was disappointed that the majority of calories in that product came from carbs. It might be OK for a scrawny guy who sits at a desk all day, but not for someone who goes to the gym. I wanted more protein. I wasn't looking for a ketogenic product necessarily, but stumbled on Ketolent on Amazon. I see the breakdown is perfect. A bit TOO much fat and protein for me maybe ... it truly would work with Atkins ... so I decided to add a small amount of vegetables (alternating broccoli and spinach) each day. I feel great, I'm not tempted to eat more and eat snacks, and I'm losing weight. I will take a few days' worth on travel - it will save money over restaurants.I bought the vanilla flavor since I'm really getting tired of chocolate protein shakes that I have been drinking for years. The vanilla sort of reminded me of the stick flavor in Fun Dip. NOTE: the first time I tasted Ketolent I guess I smelled the oil in the product - something you don't have with whey protein shakes. I almost puked. Yet I knew I liked the flavor, but there was something else. It was weird. It's like there are two flavors - the heavier vanilla and the subtle oil that also adds a different texture to the drink. I recommend when you start using this product, don't focus on the oil, focus on the great tasting vanilla.
My husband has been doing the Soylent thing for a while, but it is too high in carbs for me (and tastes gross), so one day I was pondering, they need to make a Keto version of it! Well, lo and behold after a quick search, here it is! I looked at the others and decided to try this one, and I have to say, I am super impressed! I got the chocolate (tho I thought I had gotten vanilla, not disappointed at all in my own mistake!) and I added with it a little Organic PB powder and water and it tastes just like chocolate pudding!! As Dean Winchester says "PUDDIN!"But really, it's quite delicious and I use it for 2 meals a day (and I am down 6 pounds already!). It's heavy enough and filling enough that I am not going hungry. My only issue is that I want to drink it ALL in one sitting, it is THAT tasty! Also, I like that it is not overly sweet that I get turned off of it after a while, which a lot of protein mixes and shakes can be. I will be buying again, and trying the vanilla too and I have told several people about it as well.My only complaint would be that I hope they can bring the cost down a bit more. While 100 bucks for 35 meals worth is not *that* bad, a little cheaper would be nicer.
The taste is very good but unfortunately I may have had an allergic reaction or something. Seller was very kind to refund my purchase. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.
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